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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We're thrilled to announce the creation of Family Memoirs, Inc., the company that records family stories with style!

The process is easy:  

Email us with your address and phone number.

We send you a list of questions to answer.
You send your vocally recorded answers to us.
We type them up.

The rest is all us--we publish your book, send you the first, free copy, and the link to buy as many copies as you want (they make great gifts).

Just follow the links on the right for more information.  You won't be disappointed!

PS Once you've purchased the labor, the book prices are a steal.  Remember, we send you the first hard cover copy for free.  Here's a list:


50 pages: $5
100 pages: $7
150 pages: $9
200 pages: $11
250 pages: $13
 . . . you get the idea.

Hard Cover

50 pages: $15
100 pages: $16
150 pages: $17
200 pages: $18
 . .etc. . .